History of Mavis

'Mavis' was originally established in November 1935 by Mavis Conquest, and described as a wool and art needlework shop. When Mavis retired it was run by her son Michael, and his wife Pam. In March 2021 upon Michael's retirement the shop was taken over by a new owner, Sarah Waite.

Sarah has lived with her family in Bushey for over 30 years and was delighted to have the opportunity to continue the Mavis tradition in Bushey.

For over 85 years 'Mavis' has been a constant delight not only for knitters who can choose from a wide range of brands, but also for those interested in embroidery, tapestry and crochet.

Now in March 2021 Sarah has introduced a new line in Dress Fabric, alongside the Haberdashery and Yarns,  plus an updated E-Commerce website to keep 'Mavis' at the heart of the Bushey community and to give new customers from further afield the opportunity to benefit from Mavis' experience and service.

Mavis is staffed by an experienced and knowledgeable team, who worked recently at a well known Watford department store fabrics department (you know who...). Mavis is well placed to continue serving Bushey and beyond for another 80+ years!

Mavis Conquest outside her shop
Mavis Conquest outside the shop